Compaso Flamenco has no more activities since June 2018. Please visit to follow further activities. See you there!


The activities of Compaso Flamenco is based on fruitful collaborations within production and artistic work, besides the artists on stage. Josefine Chiacchiero is self producing and the work is possible thanks to a multitude of persons and institutions.

Länsmusiken Stockholm, DIS, Scenkonst Sörmland, Estrad Norr, Norrbottensmusiken, Musikisyd, Smålands Musik och Teater, Riksteatern Uppland, Uppsala läns landsting, Länsmusiken Kalmar, Enköping Kultur, Idébanken, Västmanlandsmusiken, Södra Teatern, Kulturhuset Stockholm, Kulturdirekt, Dansistan, Dis, Dansnät Sverige, Etnografiska muséet, Dansmuséet Rolf de Maré, Dans- och Cirkushögskolan, Svenska Balettskolan, Danscompagniet, Instituto Cervantes, Svenska Flamencoföreningen Sacai, Odissi Dansproduktion, Heléne Perback Lindgren, Eva Ann-Christine Nordin.

The following artists are engaged on a continuous basis in the backstage work:

Josefine Chiacchiero has a close collaboration with her sister My Chiacchiero, working as costume designer and seamstress for more than 15 years at Kulturhuset Spira. Together they combine the traditions of flamenco with their own preferences. In addition, the company of their parents support them with textiles since more than 25 years,  through a dedicated activity within handicraft and trade.

Seth Sound & Light/Henric Karlsson is since the company was based the closest collaborator and assistant within touring, technical resources and settings for light, sound, scenography and web mastering. Henric Karlsson is educated within engineering and tours as a stage technician with Riksteatern  and other employers. Henric is also collaborating in artistic direction, composing, photography and filmmaking and tours as musician.

Sofia Ekelund, artistic director, graphic designer, film director
Juha Nyberg, illustrator.

Laura Fdez G, camera, editing
Nicklas Lindahl, editing, projections
Christer Folkesson, photography

by Josefine Chiacchiero