Compaso Flamenco has no more activities since June 2018. Please visit josefinemarilenerosie.se to follow further activities. See you there!


Josefine Chiacchiero is a dedicated teacher in language, dance, rhythm and theory connected to art and creative work in all senses. She holds a bachelor’s degree in teaching dance and languages and has many years of experience of organizing workshops, teaching and guiding within artistical and educational frameworks and in a multitude of contexts.


Some of the collaborators are Dans- & Cirkushögskolan, Svenska Balettskolan, Rum för barn & Tio-tretton Kulturhuset Stockholm, Skapande Skola, Amatörer möter proffs, 
Instituto Cervantes, 
Idébanken, Danscompagniet, Yogansa, Sensus, Mar Studios, Musikvalvet, Dansmuséet & Kulturfestivalen Stockholm.




Workshops on ”Synesthesia” at the initiative of artist Katarina Sjöström. Inspirational days for pre-school teachers on how to use creative methods and work with dance, music, painting and sculpturing. Idébanken 2014-2016


Dansnät Sverige 2016, performance lecture ”Essential knowledge about flamenco to host a performance” dedicated to stage technicians within the network.


Etnografiska muséet 2014 ”Musikmöten-flamenco” with Mar Flamenca. Photo: Kiana Moberg
 Instituto Cervantes 2014 ”Theory and dance of flamenco, with Juan de la Cruz”. Photo: Kiana Moberg



Södra teatern 2013, Introduction to flamenco, with Safoura Safavi & Per Lenner. Photo: Monica Sihlén


Instituto Cervantes 2013, Introduction to the artistic work of Facetas de Flamenco.


Instituto Cervantes 2013 ”Theory of flamenco, history and future”. Invited artists Eva Norée, Beata Alving, Irina Olsson, Ellen Pontara, Per Lenner, Fredrik Schützler.


Instituto Cervantes 2013. Theory of cajón and celebration of Valter Percussion 15 years jubilee, Mar Flamenca. Photo: Kiana Moberg

Josefine Chiacchiero’s teaching in dance

”I see flamenco as extrovert and introvert at the same time. The contrasts are clear: expressiveness and restraint, joy and sorrow, strength and vulnerability, intensity and tranquility, consistency and individuality, sophistication and simplicity, tradition and innovation. As well the dance, the singing and the music of flamenco relate to these contrasts, creating an inexhaustible source to immerse oneself in and get challenged both physically and mentally.

In one word flamenco is, emotions.

My teaching focus depends on the context and interests of the participants. The essence of flamenco is the interaction between the dancing, singing and music and I usually teach with a guitarist. My lessons are intense and complete with dancing, singing and music making in a relaxed atmosphere. I see my broad dance background as summarized in flamenco and my teaching offers a great variation. Flamenco has a wide scope for individual expression and creativity, in performative and social contexts, and this I find very valuable and important to relate to.”

by Josefine Chiacchiero