23439380_10154946243656090_1446224932_nSOUNDS OF FOOTHOLD>> An interactive performance. About sounds, structures and spaces in an extended choreographic practice. A box in box. Dance, music, poetry and singing.

28810320_10155049507436090_2144246306_oALIVE WITH POSEIDON>> A sound and costume installation for sculpture. About giving movement to structures.

28822281_10155049537161090_843715720_oALIVE IN PHONOLOGY>> A performance with sounds of dance in darkness.

26235003_10154903559271090_787120576_nALIVE AT POMPEI>> A live painting with sound. About walking into walls.

28810118_10155049601041090_1181054305_oEL NOBLE ARTE DE COMER>> An installation with paint, poetry, sculptures, objects and music. About cooking, recipes and ingredients.

23158077_10154762593136090_180674167_oEL NOBLE ARTE DE SENTIR>> An explorative performance and sound installation about listening and discovering perspectives.


EL NOBLE ARTE DE MENTIR>> Pinocchio-metamorphosis with lunatic ensemble. Two dancers, five musicians and one singer on stage. With the language of flamenco and influences such as jazz, spanish, swedish and kurdish folk music, truth and lie is questioned and digested. Thrilling scenography and costume. A one-hour performance for theatre venues. Created through residency at Jordbro Kulturhus.


troncopremiarTRONCO>> Where the essence of nature and flamenco come together: Bauer and Lorca in a unique setting. This creation has mesmerized the audience in many theaters and schools since the premiere, around 300 times. The same year Tronco was chosen to represent performances for children and youth of Länsmusiken Stockholm during the international showcase of YAMA in Umeå/Sweden. During 2015 Tronco was performed in England, Finland, Sweden and tin the archipelago of Stockholm. Tronco is a unique flamenco performance for the whole family, performed, cerated and produced by the ensemble Mar Flamenca.

17PUENTE FLAMENCO>> Enchanting traditional flamenco with ferocious ensemble, especially created for Riksteatern Uppland and its unique settings. Three dancers and five musicians on stage giving it all to the audience. A fruit of successful collaborations since 2011.


SmallFACETASPOSTERTREFACETAS>> Acoustic heart and electronic pulse looking back to the early 1900’s and into the future. Three dancers and two musicians on stage with oil and graffiti painting framing their moves. A strong and diverse ensemble interpreting the traditions and faces of performative flamenco and exploring new grounds. A comment on the perceptions of flamenco and its myth.

avbildposterMAR FLAMENCA>> Powerful elegance and charisma with chatoyant ensemble. Performing in a multitude of settings, theatre venues and clubs. Interpreting flamenco with a mix of latin and classical tunes and rhythms. Multidisciplinary artists with experience and roots in different continents. The ensemble behind the successful work of Tronco Flamenco.

600highskule AMOR FLAMENCO>> The colorful flamenco collective sharing their fascination of flamenco. Touring in Sweden, from the north to the south, performing in festivals and theaters. Four dancers, three musicians and one singer on stage.  


NIÑOS – Flamenco de los Niños>>  About being left out and don’t fit in. How to make friends when you are not like the others. One musician, one singer and two dancers on stage telling the story with the language of flamenco: by tunes and movements.  Played about 300 times all around Sweden, a success since the premiere in 2010. Produced by the ensemble. Always followed by workshop.

gogonoNONES>> Soloperformances exploring new contexts. Performed at Kungsträdgården, Hagaparken, Centralstation and Kulturhuset. Dancing and generating sounds, acoustic or using loop-pedals, voice recording and other expressions. The performances led to short movies and one of them screened at Stockholm dance film festival.


14379949_1218426961532163_6752414796878731381_oVI ÄR GRANNAR NU>>


Odissi mflIN YOUR EYE>>


wetpeopleWET PEOPLE – Badsagor>>



6 EL PADRE – Ballet Flamenco la Rosa>>

cantabile%20_nybanner_13maj CANTABILE – Safoura Safavi>>


by Josefine Chiacchiero