Compaso Flamenco has no more activities since June 2018. Please visit josefinemarilenerosie.se to follow further activities. See you there!



Compaso Flamenco’s works give space to creativity, imagination and reality. Elaborated concepts combine singing, music, dance and other art forms. Flamenco is the core in all activities and is expressed within traditional and innovative frameworks.
The company was founded in 2010 by Josefine Chiacchiero and produces performances for many settings. The company is based  in Stockholm, Sweden.

”An amazing performance. We thoroughly enjoyed it, a precious moment.” Audience 2014

”Your act was fantastic and you were absolutely magical! We’ve had so many comments from people saying that they loved it! I myself had an incredible feeling of happiness when I saw you.” Organizer of event,  2014

”You are great artists and it’s so easy to work with your group.” Organizer of event 2014

”I thought for a moment that I was in Cádiz. Totally amazing. Thank you very much” Audience 2012


Josefine Chiacchiero, a graduate High School teacher in dance and languages, today active as a dancer, coreographer, teacher, producer, costume designer, film editor, seamstress and artistic director. In few words: self producing with a great amount of collaborations with other artists.  She is the creator and director of Compaso Flamenco and has a wide background as a producing and touring artist.

As a dancer she expresses flamenco, contemporary dance, jazz, streetdance, tap-dance and she studied at DOCH University of dance and circus in Stockholm. She also studied dance, percussion and singing with a number of flamenco artists in Spain and other countries, and continuously does through visiting festivals and academies. Josefine Chiacchiero, recognized by her strong energy, conceptual expression within dance and music, is a committed artist investigating new avenues.

In her earlier activities she was costume designing for shows, toured as an artist for the Swedish Army, played with a Balkanpunkband, studied  or worked in France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Morocco and Latin America and volunteered in Lebanon. She taught french, spanish, english and mental health methods and guided in venues of Stockholm such as the City Hall and the Vasa museum. Her final thesis at Stockholm University was funded by swedish help-aid organization SIDA and researched the ”Conditions of dance in Morocco”.

Within flamenco she was for several years the chairman and webmaster of Sacai Flamenco association and developed a collaboration with Instituto Cervantes and Musikvalvet. As a teacher she collaborated with visual artists in the creation and development of ”Fredagsdans” at Kulturhuset Stockholm and methods on ”Synesthesia” for preschool teachers.

For some years she ran the creative space ”Mar Studios” together with musicians, which became a great venue for creative work and rehearsals. Her productions have been featured in a variety of contexts and countries. Josefine is at present studying a master in Contemporary Performative Arts at the Academy of Music & Drama in Gothenburg.

DOCH 50th anniversary
Performing at 50th anniversary of Dance & Circus University of Stockholm 2013, with Safoura Safavi & Per Lenner.

”Your performance was absolutely amazing. It was such a powerful experience that I almost started to cry.” Organizer of event 2014

”Thanks for a wonderful show! Many of us were a bit shocked, good power in the dance”. Photographer 2014

Your perfomence was a precious moment and you have such a great charisma Josefine. And what a posture! Me and my friend use to say Josefine to eachothers and it means we must straighten our back.” Audience 2014



2003- 2010 High-school teacher languages and dance. 
Stockholms Universitet/ Dans- och Cirkushögskolan Stockholm/Université Paris VII. Further work practice and studies in Johannesburg and Marrakech.  Final thesis through minor field study grant from swedish SIDA: Conditions of dance in Morocco>>

2015 Nominated by SMOT for ”Årets scenkonst” Jönköpingsgalan.


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2015 Aamulehti Newspaper Finland>>
2015 Åkersberga Kanalen>>
2014 Jönköpingsposten>>
2014 UR – Qué pasa/flamenco>>
2014 Barometern Kalmar>>
2014 Norra Sidan>>
2013 P4 med Pär Fontander, about flamenco and Arcángel at Södra Teatern Stockholm.
2012 Spanien hos Alice Petrén, Sveriges Radio P1>>
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2016 Stockholms läns landsting, scenkonststöd ”El Noble Arte de Mentir”
2015 Konstnärsnämnden – Arbetsstipendium danskonstnärer
2015 Konstnärsnämnden – Resestipendium London ”Tronco Flamenco”.
2014 Stockholms Stad – Produktionsstöd ”Tronco Flamenco”.
2014 Konstnärsnämnden – Resestipendium vidareutbildning under Flamencofestivalen i Jerez.
2013 Kulturrådet – Scenkonststöd produktionen ”Facetas de Flamenco”.
2012 Stockholms läns landsting – Scenkonststöd produktionen ”Facetas de Flamenco”.
2012 Stockholms Stad – Scenkonststöd produktionen ”Facetas de Flamenco”.
2010 Comenius – stipendiat språkassistent i Spanien.
2009 SIDA – Mfs-stipendium, studie om dans i Marrakech/Marocko.
2006 Erasmus-stipendiat, studier i Paris
2004 IM-volontär-stipendium, Libanon.
2004 Italienska Kulturinstitutets stipendium, språkstudier i Salerno Italien.

by Josefine Chiacchiero