Sounds of Foothold – about sounds, structures and spaces in an extended choreographic practice. A masters project of two years.


What is a foothold and where could it take you? Observe and listen to the darkness and silence in a space of poetry and documentary material, of human bodies from desert places. Retain the energy of dance and music, retain the energy of creativity and communication.

Participate peacefully by placing yourself in the footholds, participate simply by your presence. You will be guided into a room in the room and through four different entrances you will experience proposals related to several questions:

What is sound and what sounds could we give space? What are the structures conditioning us and who could we be in them? What is possible to explore by dividing an expression into visual and auditive material? What is freedom, responsibilities and limitations to an artist?

On stage: Josefine Chiacchiero, Gita Sellman. Voices: Anna Thunström, Georgios Giokotos, Camilla Ekelöf, Annika B Lewis, Adriana Aburto Essén, Flavio Papini, Kaspar von Weber, Maral Raham, Laura Fernández García, Kanto Andriantsalama-Rickman, Josefine Chiacchiero. Dancers: Mira Jägemar, Elin Ryman Myllyvainio. Sound design: Henric Karlsson & Josefine Chiacchiero. Music: Trio el Gancho/ Kim Persson, Jonathan Bondesson, Mukryan Abubakr & Henric Karlsson, Josefine Chiacchiero. Costume: Josefine Chiacchiero. Video: Josefine Chiacchiero. Poetry: Gita Sellman (English translation Anna Thunström). Supervisors: Staffan Mossenmark & Cecilia Lagerström


by Josefine Chiacchiero