NONES Soloperformances exploring new contexts and specific sites. Performed at Kungsträdgården, Hagaparken, Centralstation, Kulturhuset and in a closed room, in Stockholm. Dancing and generating sounds, acoustic or using loop-pedals, voice recording and other expressions. The performances led to short movies and one of them screened at Stockholm dance film festival.

GoGoNo – About work, time, achievement, stress. Based on the exhaustion-thesis by Karin Johannisson.

SioNo – About truth and lies, doubts and insights.
”To live is to lie” Simone de Beauvoir.

NiNaNo – About age, memory, home and longing. Inspired by Mats Ek ”Smoke” and choreographed to Ninna Nanna by Ciumafina.

ComoNo – About limitations, possibilities, freedom and fears. To the music of Indialucia.

AhoraNo – About patience.


by Josefine Chiacchiero